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Eating fruit before meals it will affect the efficacy
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Everyday life we all pay more attention to medication time , some drugs fit in meals to eat , and some drugs are fit in a meal to eat, but little attention has been on medication before and after there is nothing that can not be eat, have some experts point out, in half an hour before the medication is like nothing better to eat , especially vegetables and fruits, the reason is very simple, because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients, if -金沙官方直营8159.comand drug mix will produce a chemical reaction causes the changing nature of drugs .
For example, some fruit is rich in vitamin C , while the drugs were basically alkaline and acid is not fusion , butt together will produce a chemical reaction , which would greatly reduce the efficacy of such drugs , some drugs if it is to eat in the fasting state , then you can be absorbed about 60 percent , and if half an hour in advance to eat fruit, so drugs can only be absorbed about 40 percent .
Summing up the appeal is best eaten small series suggest that you eat fruit after a drug to avoid affecting the metabolism of drugs .

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